A news and lifestyle website aimed at Catholics worldwide

Crux was launched by The Boston Globe in the fall of 2014 and aimed at a worldwide audience of Catholics. It mixes serious discussions of theocracy and in-depth reporting with a lighter touch on matters of faith in modern culture.

My role was to design the site and build the front end ober a four-month period.

The Crux logo design was a sticky point of the project. My goal was for it to feel timeless — as if it belonged alongside logos of venerable publications such as Time, Newsweek or The Boston Globe itself. It is set in Sentinel with some minor tweaks.

From the outset, I built and designed Crux in code. It began as an HTML/CSS wireframe that was enhanced into a visual prototype that was reworked into the final site. I made a modular design that allowed me to pull out a component and swap in another quickly across all pages on the site or to build multiple versions of pages. We tested and approved designs by viewing HTML pages on native devices - iPads, iPhones, Android devices or desktops.

The type is the voice of the site. I tried several faces and settled on Hoefler & Co.’s Sentinel for its classic-yet-modern feel and its sturdiness in a variety of uses. The face speaks with authority and, specially in italic, has a throwback elegance appropriate to the content.

The rest of the site’s visual feel grew out of the tone set by the type.

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