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Werner Herzog Presents: A Jedi Makes His Return

123-minute read

Into the Woods

“Are we still waiting?”

This was the fifth time the lieutenant had come forward to the cockpit. Maybe it was a different one. Most Imperial officers, like the shuttle captain, paid little attention to Stormtroopers. Or their officers. They may as well be clone troopers.

Anyway, both pilots were occupied. The Imperial shuttle Arrik had been waiting for some time as the shuttle ahead of them dealt with some sort of issue.

He looked over at his co-pilot, who was doing most of the piloting at the moment. Even though they were in a holding pattern, he expected nothing less than vigilance from his second. He gave his co-pilot a deal with this I’m busy look.

After a few seconds pause, “Oh,” the co-pilot said. “Soon. We’re just holding at the moment.”

His superior had tuned out and was going through the re-entry and landing checklist.

“We’d prefer that you remain in the hold, especially during landing,” the co-pilot said, somewhat unsure. “They can be kinda...