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Chaos in engineering

Let us, for a moment, consider the fate of Miles O’Brien.

Not “The Passion of the O’Brien,” as his time stationed on Deep Space Nine became known, as it took him through the 24th Century equivalent of the Stations of the Cross, such as spending 20 years in a virtual mind prison or having his daughter fall through a time portal.

We’re going to talk about his other fate: How he was a once-promising officer and bridge crew member who was stripped of rank and sent to exile, first as a glorified elevator operator in the Transporter Room... More

The Tragically Unhip

The breakout movie of the summer was … actually it wasn’t a movie. It was TV, some internet show. Stranger Things to be exact. And the breakout character of Stranger Things was … not the person anyone expected.

It was the frumpy, bookish best friend of suburban princess Nancy Wheeler. In a time of steroidal superheroes and TV anti-heroes, Barb pushed her way to the front of the 2016 pop culture pack in her unfashionable librarian glasses, blouses made out of grandma’s curtains and mom jeans.

There is just something compelling about her. She isn’t just uncool.... More


Let’s face it, Star Trek is an objectively silly show. Kitschy, low budget, often poorly acted and on occasion downright terrible.

But I love it dearly, madly and irrationally.

This irrational fan love is probably one reason Leonard Nimoy had a notoriously difficult relationship with his best-known character.

He famously denounced the role in his memoir I Am Not Spock and even asked to be killed off in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. But not even Spock could stay dead for long.

Nimoy later came to embrace the role in the book I Am Spock and finally lived... More