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Updated for her pleasure

As part of the policy of constantly updating the site, we have updated the site.

  • We have completely rewritten the site’s JavaScript. For the less tech-oriented out there, JavaScript is the code that among other things controls the performance-sapping, battery-draining, processor hogging animations we have gratuitously sprinkled throughout the site to surprise and delight our readers. The code is much better from a purely academic best-practices standpoint, and it’s more efficient.
  • We once again rewrote the site headers and navigation so that the animations will be smoother, and as a side benefit, the HTML code at... More

Kick the tires and light the fires

We’re live. Finally. It still has that new website smell.

I’ve been working on a new pretty regularly since early October. It’s not so much done as kicked out the door. Please be patient as I still clean up some of the messes that I made.

This replaces an older jQuery-based site that I built over a three-day weekend because I needed a portfolio site to apply for a job. This redesign is about the fourth guise for a domain that I’ve owned for 14 years now, probably to the dismay of other David Putneys who have... More