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The Squad: A Star Wars Story

A uthor’s note: What if one of the pre-eminent directors of our time, Werner Herzog, had been tasked with directing The Return of the Jedi? What type of story might he choose to tell? That’s the basic idea here. You can find more about this in the supplemental materials.


Part 1 | Into the Woods

“Are we still waiting?”

This was the fifth member of the squad of stormtroopers in the cargo hold to come forward to the cockpit. Maybe it was the same one. To most Imperial officers like the shuttle captain, Stormtroopers may as well... More

“The Squad: A Star Wars Story” supplemental materials

Ewoks are apex predators in the Endor ecosystem. I came to this realization while writing The Squad.

Sure, there’s some Endor equivalent of bears or mountain lions, but the Ewoks simply rule. Evidence of this is shown throughout Return of the Jedi. It’s made clear in the movie that they will absolutely wreck you. They will bring the pain. Cute, fuzzy pain.

But let me back up, before we get to that. I have an admission to make: I wrote some Star Wars fan fiction.

Yes, I know. Fan fiction is one of the most disreputable genres... More

There will never be another good “Star Trek” movie

The sequence showing the Enterprise being destroyed in Star Trek Beyond is a technical marvel.

The techniques that created the vast swarm of ships that suddenly attack, overwhelm and pulverize the iconic vessel is light years beyond the original series. It’s far beyond the model work used to destroy the Enterprise in Star Trek III.

But when the Enterprise goes down in a heroic sacrifice in ST:III, it feels tragic, a lost friend. “My god, Bones, what have I done?” Kirk intones as the crew watches horrified as the ship burns up in the atmosphere.

Star Trek Beyond isn’t... More