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That PostCSS. It’s so hot right now

Web developers suffer from the worst kind of imposter syndrome.

My theory is that it’s because devs are faced with a constant barrage of the new hotness. Generally it goes something like this:

  • 9 a.m. “OMG! They just released Widget.js this morning and it’s amazeballs awesome! Everyone is using it! I’m moving all my projects to it!
  • 5 p.m. “What? Are you still using Widget.js? LOL! Dingus.js just came out this afternoon and it’s amazeballs awesome!

CSS preprocessors have been on this new hotness treadmill for a few years. We have Sass that supplanted LESS... More

Toward a better underline

One of the first things I noticed about iOS8 was that the default underscore style for anchor tags is a proper typographical underline.

Safari in Yosemite has also adopted this method.

These are nice touches that draw the traditions of print typography and the type of sanding-the-bottoms-of-the drawers attention to detail that websites need.

But the state of default browser underlines remains fairly lousy across the board. In an era when more refined web type is common, it’s particularly bothersome for typographical pedants.

When building, I adopted the Medium design team’s method of creating bespoke underlines.... More