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A treatise on the nature and implications of Santa’s surveillance state as described in “Santa Claus” is Coming to Town

When one hears the phrase “surveillance state” one’s mind immediately goes to Russia’s notorious KGB or East Germany’s Stasi secret police.

They’re synonymous with ruthless imposition of order and the means to enforce that order.

Granted, the United States has quite the surveillance state of its own right now, what with the NSA listening in to our phone calls and internet traffic. (Hi, guys!) But that’s the small fry.

In true U.S. fashion we’ve managed to privatize our surveillance state with the likes of Google, Facebook and devices like the Amazon Echo.

But what of the... More

Together, we can make the dream come true

This is the time of year when the inequalities of life seem the most profound.

Many of us revel in abundance while others do without. As Bono once so sagely sang “Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.” Now don’t you feel guilty?

That is why we are excited to announce our 2015 holiday fund drive to help to bring joy to a troubled world. and you – actually, we prefer to think of it as us – working together, hand-in-hand can help create a bright spot that can touch the lives of dozens of people every... More