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HTML native interactive controls using CSS and flexbox

I find myself drawn to clever solutions for common problems.

One recent design I built called for side-by-side buttons. The user could click a button, which would maximize while other the choices would minimize. One solution would be declare CSS styles – btn -- default and btn -- active – and then toggle states on click using JavaScript or jQuery.

Even though the controls were buttons visually, functionally they behaved like radio buttons, something devs already have in their HTML toolbox.

Styling forms can be tricky, but it is possible to apply a little CSS... More

Ship of fools

It was supposed to just be a tech revision, a release I’d dubbed Snow Leopard.

But my penchant for tinkering has once again outrun my good sense. So this site also has a visual refresh, too. In fact, has been visually refreshed more times than Katherine Helmond in Brazil. it’s more of ship of Theseus in that it isn’t the same site any more.

Here was what it looked like when I launched it last fall. Since then a bunch of it has been rewritten to take advantage of modern browser technologies.1 I’ve changed... More