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It was only business. I always liked you.

The reaction to John Oliver’s 19-minute rant about the decline of newspapers immediately struck a chord among journalists.

Within minutes of the segment’s airing, journalists were jizzing themselves on Twitter over its “truth to power”, “somebody finally said it” qualities. The Washington Post declared it the “best defense of newspapers ever.”

The fact that journalists excitedly agreed with Oliver’s report doesn’t make it correct. To me, that’s a giant confirmation bias red flag. As Upton Sinclair wrote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

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The news business

I was in an uncomfortable chair sitting through another boring quarterly meeting led by our publisher and his PowerPoint deck.

Some astute member of the newsroom had coined the nickname “Mojo” for him, partly as a play on his name, but more as a comment on his dreary lack of charisma. It was all EBITAs and P&Ls.

Well, not so much Ps as Ls.

He showed a 10-year chart of company earnings and it looked like an EKG right before the nurse called for a crash cart. I returned from the meeting, and a newsroom friend asked how it... More