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Everyone’s a hero in his own way

You’ve watched the scene a million times on TV or in movies.

Two characters with differing opinions get into an argument, and one of them, through the power of their words, changes the other’s mind. Maybe we like that so much because it so rarely happens in real life.

Both parties tend to leave thinking they were right. And stay that way.

That’s something I’ve been thinking about every since I saw Jeffrey Zeldman’s opening keynote at An Event Apart Boston on Monday. His speech was framed as “advice to up-and-coming” designers, but it worked for an mid-career old(ish) guy... More

I fled the news today, oh boy

I’ve worked at newspapers since 1987.

Seems like every job that can be done at a paper, I’ve done at least once. I’ve been a reporter, copy editor and page designer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a team that created and launched a new daily newspaper. It started with an all-day secret skunkworks meeting in my apartment. I designed the paper from scratch, so I’ve had a rare chance to make a newspaper exactly how I wanted to make it.

I even paid for my first two years of college by working as a janitor – at... More