Applying cutting-edge technology to prevent an embarrassing fashion faux pas

A friend of mine had the same shirt and we always seemed to wear it on the same day. This site aims to predict the future to avoid the embarrassment of a fashion faux pas.

Originally, the my idea was to make a site where I could simply post that I was wearing the shirt. But I decided to try something more complicated and celver. The back end is a Google spreadsheet of dates on which I wore my shirt. It calculates the average intervals between wearings and predicts the next likely date that I will wear the shirt.

The threat level warnings — based on Homeland Security terror threat levels — is real-time info. The details chart is made in Flot and updates when the spreadsheet changes.

Shirtify is a joke, but it’s a joke that actually works/worked. And, as always, it’s free to play.

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