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We need to talk

Dear “Resistance,” we need to talk.

Since the early days of the Trump campaign, a pattern has emerged.

Trump does or says something, you erupt in fury. The press and anti-Trumpers frantically clutch at their pearls as they dramatically plunge down upon their fainting couches like Margaret Dumont, barely able to mutter “well I never!”

The networks immediately begin flood-the-zone coverage. We’re subjected to Wolf Blitzer intoning gravely to a stoney-faced panel of political experts who, naturally, represent the full spectrum of viewpoints from A to B.

“So, in your estimation is Trump stupid, evil, or some combination of... More

The Orange Man in the High Castle

It was a bright cold day in Trumpril, and the clocks with elaborately baroque gold scrollwork were striking thirteen.

I’d just finished my daily food ration, a few ounces of gray, flavorless protein paste made of ground-up crickets, when Emperor Barron Trump the First appeared on our TV screens. There was some mention of it being the anniversary of his ascension. Was it one year? Or two?

It really doesn’t matter anyway. He may as well have been emperor for 10,000 years. So few remember the America that was, only half a lifetime ago. It has simply passed from memory.

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Whoever wins, we all lose

A few weeks before the 2012 election, I was talking to a friend. “Mitt Romney scares me,” she said in a tone of voice normally reserved for talking about ebola or clowns.

“Really, Mitt Romney scares you?” I asked. The slightly right-of-center former Massachusetts governor squish who helped pass universal health care. “Really, he ‘scares’ you?”

Wouldn’t a candidate like Mitt Romney or Joe Biden be welcome breath of fresh air right about now? Flawed, yes, but basically decent folk. Barack Obama and George W. Bush, if you strip away the politics, at least seemed like decent people.

Instead we... More