Food of a Nation

Four people, a pile of UN stats and 24 hours of coding. The result: Insight into how the world eats.

This interactive/data viz was made over a 24-hour period for the Future of Food Hackathon at National Geographic headquarters in Washington D.C. as part of the magazine’s Future of Food series.

The interactive seeks to underline the problem that, as the world becomes more affluent, issues with food production increase. We took data from one nation and applied it to another in a series of “what if …” scenarios. It shows not only problems that might lie ahead, but where nations have gone wrong now.

Our five person team included a JavaScript developer from the Associated Press who wrote the back end, an expert in big number sets from Huffington Post, a graduate student studying food issues and a researcher with expertise in food issues. I wrote the front-end CSS and markup.

Our interactive was named “Most Original Idea” by the judges.

View the live site