A website for’s internet radio station

Screenshot of RadioBDC home page

RadioBDC was conceived as a sister site to BDCwire to share resources and cross-promote events. My role was to design the site.

It’s aimed at much the same audience as BDCwire, so the site is meant to be simple, modern and lively, with a variety of content. It also supports RadioBDC promotions such as Social Countdown, events, Get Stuff, Live in the Lab and other efforts.

The “now playing” widget is the highlight of the site. It uses a custom API to get the name of the currently playing track and artist. It grabs an image of the artist from LastFM. Another API shows the song’s rank on The Social Countdown, which aggregates a song’s popularity on social media. Information about the band is provided via The Social Countdown.

Social Countdown is further integrated into the site with the voting widget. The widget shows the five biggest movers on the countdown and allows readers to cast a vote for them.

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