A news and lifestyle website aimed at younger readers

Screenshot of the BDCwire home page.

BDCwire was conceived as a way of bringing the energy and speed of a startup to a large news organization. It was a site aimed at college-age and young-professional readers around Boston. It had more freedom in its topics, with a focus is music, movies, pop culture ephemera and local events.

I designed the entirety of the site over a four-month period, and it was launched in the fall of 2013. My design is lively and spare with large, bold images and simple typography.

BDCwire is configured as a quick-scan reverse-chron blog. It’s was to have a more distinctive voice and be more personality-driven than news sites, so author avatars were featured prominently sitewide.

Readers don’t come into sites through the front page any more. BDCwire pages were designed to give readers multiple entry points to other destinations on the site — the events calendar, story teasers and a full blog entry roll with endless scroll on every page.

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